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Injury: Duff has a family history of an aggressive form of osteoarthritis which settled in both of his hips. The pain began in his early fifties and by the time he was 55 Duff was using a cane to get around in his home. An avid hiker and angler, Duff found the pain was significantly affecting the quality of his life and decided to pursue treatment. He was aware of Dr. Swank’s minimally invasive hip replacement procedure since Duff’s sister had undergone that surgery with excellent results. He drove up from Lexington and met with Dr. Swank in early 2011. After an in-depth examination, Dr. Swank determined that Duff would need both hips replaced with an excellent prognosis of returning to an active lifestyle.

Procedure: Duff’s right hip was replaced in April, 2011 and his left hip was replaced eleven months later using the special minimally invasive procedure that Dr. Swank has perfected. With each surgery, Duff was able to walk in the hospital that night and was released the following morning. In lieu of formal physical therapy, Duff was instructed to walk at least five minutes each hour over the next few weeks as therapy to build strength and restore mobility.

Results: Duff began to feel a real difference almost immediately and was pain-free in three weeks. He was able to resume his love of hiking and fishing and set a personal goal of climbing the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet. Over the next 18 months Duff began a training regimen of walking up to 9 miles a day and, on alternate days, climbing 50 flights of stairs in order to develop the strength and endurance necessary. In February of 2014, less than two years after his second hip replacement, Duff summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro and watched the sun rise over the plains of Africa. He had fulfilled his dream.

Duff feels very blessed that he was able to work with Dr. Swank and the staff at Reconstructive Orthopaedics. He commented, “I tell people not to just accept their situation, but to be proactive and find out what can be done to help themselves. Dr. Swank, Jon, and Martha were the epitome of team work in restoring my quality of life. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate how they touched my life. I would encourage anyone who is considering hip replacement surgery to learn about Dr. Swank’s minimally invasive hip replacement procedure. Visit Dr. Swank and learn about this wonderful technique which can restore the quality of their life just as it did mine.”

Dr, Swank did my knee replacement 13 years ago. I have never had a single problem and have enjoyed walking four miles everyday since. I am forever grateful for his extraordinary professional skills, concern and compassion.

Moved quickly Doc took time to explain & was straight to the point

I’m posting a review after my surgery. I could tell a huge difference after surgery. I’m so glad Dr. Swank fixed my hip. Total hip replacement. The Doctor and the staff are excellent. It’s been 3 weeks since my operation and i am getting around great. There’s not enough stars to give to all of the staff and Dr. Swank. Everybody answered all of my questions before and after my surgery. I would highly recommend OrthoCincy for any orthopedic problems.

I was greeted with a smile, very meaningful to a new patient. Dr. Swank offered innovative treatment, listened to my concerns, and made his diagnosis understandable. When I left OrthoCincy I didn’t feel like a first time visitor but rather a long tome patient.

Excellent people skills, informative, & professional. I have been apprehensive about surgery & Dr. Swank has me feeling more comfortable about this.

Dr Swank did my knee replacement. Awesome doc! Short recovery time. Highly recommend

"I have faith in Dr. Swank. I like his straightforwardness and truthfulness."

"Dr. Swank is courteous. His skills healed me. I am most grateful."